Research Methods

Research Methods, Design 51-744, is linked to the Studio II Project. The course is taught by Bruce Hanington with Teaching Assistant Manya Krishnaswamy. You can view the course syllabus here. We will add other course-specific assets to this page throughout the semester.

Please also remember to use as an ongoing resource the companion page on methods,

January 23

A Five-Step Process for Conducting User Research, Sherwin, David

January 30

Watching Closely / Ethnography Chapter, Nippert-Eng

February 7

Exploratory research methods slides

February 13

Surveys and Secondary Research slides

February 20

Generative Research slides

Design Research at the Crossroads of Education and Practice, Liz Sanders


Participatory Design, Sara Kuhn & Terry Winograd

A Framework for Organizing the Tools and Techniques of Participatory Design

March 2

Qualitative Analysis slides

March 8

Research With Human Subjects slides

March 20

Prototyping and Early Evaluative Research slides

Quick Prototyping Tools For Emerging Technologies, IDEO CoLab

What Do Prototypes Prototype?, Stephanie Houde and Charles Hill

March 27

Personas Scenarios slides

April 3

Evaluative Research slides